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CELO Clothing was launched to make the world a better place.

We believe that the business community and private sector should spearhead social and environmental challenges in making the world a more sustainable and equitable place.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “It is difficult, but not impossible to conduct strictly honest business.”

This quote is very dear to CELO and is reflected upon repeatedly as we develop and move this business endeavor forward.

We are aware of the unfavorable impact that clothing production has on the environment. However, we strongly believe that CELO can pioneer and lead the way on how clothing can be produced responsibly and with little impact on the planet as possible.

We have already installed a business model that is entirely focused on sustainability and WE PROMISE you that we will continuously seek ways to improve our business practices and clothing production.

CELO Clothing’s commitment to sustainability began with a Fair Trade partnership. This partnership connected CELO to a Fair Trade factory called Connoisseur Fashions located in Chennai, India for all of our clothing production. Being validated by Fair Trade, assures that Connoisseur Fashions abides by strict regulations to make sure they are highly responsible in regards to their workers, environment and sourcing methods.

Furthermore, CELO has also placed significant attention into our sustainable fabrics used in our clothing production. Every CELO fitness clothing garment is made with RECYCLED fabrics. By using recycled polyester fabrics in the clothing production process instead of virgin polyester, CELO is able to reduce carbon emissions by 59%, decrease waste and keep plastic out of landfills. Our fabrics are certified by Global Recycled Standard to verify the recycled content of our products. In addition, our fabrics are also certified by bluesign© to authenticate the elimination of harmful substances in the clothing manufacturing and color dyeing process.

Last, but not least, because of the unwanted impact that clothing production has on our planet, CELO Clothing contributes proceeds from every single sale to an environmental nonprofit organization working to improve our beautiful planet. CELO donates to 1% For The Planet from our high-performance shorts and training tights sales. Also, CELO gives a 5% donation from our training tanks and high-performance shirts sales to a new environmental nonprofit organization every month to spread the donations and love. ((Currently, Conservation International))

Want To Know More About CELO Clothing?

We are a HONEST, ETHICAL and TRANSPARENT clothing brand and will answer any questions you may have concerning our business and business practices. Please feel free to contact us through email or social media. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mission Statement

CELO Clothing, LLC strives to be the world’s most respectable business by providing high-performance and ethically made fitness clothing through a socially and environmentally responsible business model. Our company will use its business platform to inform and inspire consumers, around the world, to demand and create sustainable changes through their purchasing power that creates a better global community.

Vision Statement

To provide the socially conscious consumer high-performance and ethically made fitness clothing while improving the world.

Meet the Founder

Meet The Founder

From the moment that I began my professional career, I have always been passionate and committed to public service and working for things greater than myself. My first occupation, after receiving an undergraduate degree from.Louisiana State University, was to proudly enlist and serve in the United States Navy. I not only wanted to serve the country that I loved so much, but I also wished to repay the countless veterans that sacrificed so much to provide the freedom and opportunities that have been given to me. These are things for which I am extremely thankful and have never taken for granted.

After my honorable discharge, I was able to continue my call to service by serving on the administration of the Mayor of New Orleans. Soon after, I transitioned out of the mayor’s office to pursue and complete a Master’s in Urban Studies at the University of New Orleans. During my time in graduate school I was exposed to and learned a great deal about various social issues affecting our international community. While completing my graduate degree, I rejoined the local government in the City of New Orleans. In this role, I managed grant money on various community development projects. However, while working in the city’s Office of Community Development, I became very impatient with the pace of progress and the setbacks to social improvement through the public sector. I believed that there must be a more efficient and effective way to address issues impeding our society.

This is when the idea of CELO Clothing was sparked – an ethical athletic apparel brand that will provide fitness clothing through an entirely sustainable business model while improving the world. Through this business dream of mine, I fully believe that I can address and improve issues hindering our society in a quicker and more effective manner through the private sector. However, unlike traditional business goals, CELO will not measure success by the amount of revenue and profits generated. We will measure success by the amount of people we can help on a global scale while doing our very best to protect the environment. I hope you will help us in our efforts to make a difference.


Julio Davila